Walking in Richmond 1

Earlier  this month I started walking in different areas of Richmond.            One morning I had my son’s car at Saabtech in Shockoe bottom so I went walking to pass the time.        I found several buildings on Franklin Street that were interesting and still intend to find out more about them.  However this was the most intriguing spot I found on this walk.


This is the first burial ground for Jews in Virginia.  It looks nearly empty- no markers, just grass except for something stone in the back right corner.  It is surrounded on 3 sides by a new apartment building which seems really odd.  I’m not sure I’d want one of the apartments overlooking the burial ground.  Would you?

I needed to find out more and this article gives a good summary of the history of this burial ground.  It explains that most of the burials were moved to the new cemetery that opened in 1816, but the one remaining burial is that stone in the back that is the top of the Cohen Tomb.



Go find something new to see in Richmond!